Dr. Benny Lile Announces Plans to Retire

Makayla Fancher, Reporter

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At the close of the November school board meeting, Metcalfe County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Benny Lile announced that after 35 years in education that he was retiring after the 2019-2020 school year.

 Even though I know the time is right, this is one of the more difficult decisions I have ever had to make,” Lile said.

 “I could speak endlessly about the quality of the people in Metcalfe County. My colleagues, the school board, our staff and community, and most importantly our students are all just tremendous individuals.” 

Dr. Lile has been with Metcalfe County for the last seven years and even though after this school year he will no longer be with us, Metcalfe County School has a great future ahead. Board chair Joey Shive specified that the process to choose Dr. Lile’s replacement will begin now.  We would like to thank Dr. Benny Lile for his years serving at our school.