MCHS Celebrates Winter Senior Night


The Metcalfe County High School hosted their annual senior night on Tuesday February 11th,2020.The following seniors were honored:

Boys Basketball

Jackson Caffee is the manager for the boys team. Jackson is the son of John and Tonya Caffee.  Jackson’s future plans are to attend WKU to pursue a degree in Ag Business.

Sheldon Compton, the son of Stevie and Valarie Compton. Sheldon is undecided on his future plans at this time.

Braxton Davis is the son of Jason and Allyson Davis.  Braxton plans to attend Lindsey Wilson College with a major in education.

Grant Edwards is the son of Page Edwards.  Grant plans to attend SKYCTC and eventually pursue a degree in physical therapy.

Wyatt Fields is the son of Bronston and Sarah Fields.  Wyatt’s plans are to attend WKU with a major in accounting.

Parker Isenberg is the son of Chris Isenberg and Stacy Isenberg. Parker plans to attend Lindsey Wilson College and major in business.

Girls Basketball 

The only senior member of the girls basketball team is Marisa Fields. Marisa is the daughter of Greg and Anita Fields.  Marisa plans to get a degree to become a physical therapy assistant.


From our inaugural season of bowling, our seniors include Logan Firkins, John Hammer, and Aelec Baker.  Logan and John could not be in attendance, but were announced.

Aelec Baker is on the bowling team and also a member of the pep band.  Aelec is the son of Todd and Robin Baker. He plans to attend Campbellsville University.

 Pep Band

Continuing with the pep band, we have Katelyn Bailey.

Katelyn Bailey is the daughter of Barbara Bailey.  Her future plans are to major in nursing at Campbellsville University and go on to become a nurse practitioner.

Tyler Bray is the son of Melissa Fields and TJ Bray.  His future plans are to attend Campbellsville University with a major in music education and a minor in math.

Valerie Gibson is the daughter of Gina and Dave Gibson.  Her future plans are to major in biology.

Cody Hart is the son of Bill and Sarah Hart.   His future plans are to get an economics degree at Western Kentucky University. 

Matthew Sherman is the son of Royal E Sherman II.   His future plan is to pursue a career as an airplane maintenance technician.


Tessa Furlong is the daughter of Angie White.  Tessa’s future plans are to pursue a career in the medical field.

Destiny Gearlds is the daughter of Melissa Caffee.  Destiny plans to pursue a career in the medical field as a phlebotomist.  

Hornet News Network

Our senior member of the Hornet News Network is Mr. Ethan Bates. Ethan is the son of Chris Bates and Charity and Johnathon Nunnally.  Ethan plans to attend WKU to become a business magnate.