Chess Club

Crowning a King or Queen

Gage Shive and Elena Bonitz

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Today we took a look at Metcalfe County High Schools Chess Club, lead and directed by Mr. Robert (Rob) Bunch. During our time with the Chess Club, we spoke to a few of the twenty-five students who participated in the most recent tournament. Among these students was Cricket Bishop, last year’s champion, and a fascinating player to watch. The first question (Hornet News) had for Cricket was what she hoped to get out of the club.

“I’m not sure where it’s going, but I do like that we have been getting some new players to join in,” she explained. “I think it’s anyone’s game [to win] but the new people who haven’t been playing as long as others will be have a harder time at the start of it all. But in the end, it’s a good experience for everyone.”

After speaking to someone who has been playing we decided to speak to someone who just joined into the club for her freshman year, Abby Cline, and asked her what she thought of the gap between those who have been playing for years, and someone who just joined in with the club.

“It’s hard for some of us to go against those who have been playing longer than most, especially in a tournament bracket in which everything is randomized,” she answered.

Whether new or experienced, the Chess Club Is currently holding a tournament, lasting between one and two weeks. The tournament draw has random matchups, and players will face off against each other until a champion is crowned. But a champion being crowed isn’t the only goal, according to club sponsor Mr. Bunch.

“No matter who wins or loses, it’s all about the experience,” he said.


On November 2, the final match between Nicolas Pierce and Jonathan Lanham ended with Jonathan being crowned the MCHS chess club king.