The Semi-Annual Blood Drive Crept its Way Over to MCHS!

Mason Edwards

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Another October blood drive was swept upon us, and Dracula was on the prowl. Last Friday, October 27, the Phlebotomy class took blood from willing students, teachers, and staff. Participants had to be at least sixteen or older, and if they were sixteen, they needed a signed form by their parents to allow them to donate. In case you had no idea how the process of taking blood works, here’s what participants went through: 


1) They first went through a screening process. This included a history questionnaire asking if they’ve had any illnesses, tattoos, piercings, etc. This is an attempt to screen out any candidates who aren’t qualified to give blood.  


2) First, they would find their blood type, screen them for iron levels in their blood, and provided donors with a little snack if they were qualified to give blood. 


3) Donors then received an informational packet to read over, and received a physical. 


4) Phlebotomists then checked their ID, stuck their finger, and checked their blood levels. 


5) Donors then went over to a table, had a tourniquet put on them, and the phlebotomists found a vein and took their blood. 


6) A pressure dress (a device used for covering wounds) was put on them depending on how much blood they gave.  


7) After giving blood, donors could have more snacks and fluids and rest for a few moments before heading back to class.  



There was a great turnout last week, exceeding the goal of 51 units of blood being donated. In total, 59 units of blood were drawn. Overall, the drive was a great success. With current world calamities, the need for blood is at an all-time high. It’s good to know that students here at MCHS were willing to help the cause.