NHS Spreads Christmas Cheer

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NHS Spreads Christmas Cheer

Gage Shive

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Over the course of November, the Metcalfe County High school students within the National Honors Society will be working on quilts for over ninety-two students at the Elementary to share the Christmas spirit. With such a massive task at hand, NHS knows they have a large amount of work ahead, and although the project is in its early stages, the group is already making progress.  

“This year we started right after fall break,” NHS Sponsor Ms. Kelly Shaw explained. “We have over ninety-two quilts to finish by December 17.”  

Both Mrs. Shive’s RTI and NHS will be going down to the elementary school dressed as Santa and his elves on that day, spreading holiday cheer to students at Metcalfe County Elementary. 

The interview concluded by focusing on the overall goal of the project as well as the ever-lasting impact on both the Students of Metcalfe County Elementary and Highschool.  

“My goal for the high school is to give our students an opportunity to do something nice for others, and for the elementary school, I want every kid to receive a gift for Christmas,” she said.  

In addition to Ms. Shaw’s comments, MCHS Students involved in the project are equally committed to providing a wonderful Christmas experience for others.   

“The hardest thing is making it perfect for the student, you know? It’s got to be perfect,” Cody Chapman explained. 

“I’m worried at the pace everyone is going, with like ninety-two students, we won’t get all of them done,” he added.    

But program sponsor Ms. Shaw isn’t worried. A large group of Hornets is working dilligently to make sure the project is complete. 

“There are a total of thirty-five NHS members working on this project as well as fifty others from Ms. Shive’s RTI,” Ms. Shaw explained. “They’re doing a great job, it’s a great program and even better for the students.”