Veterans Day at MCHS

Mason Edwards

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On Friday, November 10th, Metcalfe County High held their annual Veteran’s Day service. The service took place in order to commemorate those who serve, have served, or have lost their lives in battle. As usually is the case, students showed their utmost respect and courtesy throughout the entire program. Spanning over the length of an hour, everyone sat in silence for those presenting at the podium.  

 Several retired veterans were sat in chairs in front of the students, along with some of our own MCHS staff, who have also served. There were also individuals sitting there who had lost ones close to them from war. Students were first given a reminder by one of the veterans that most of us students will see war in our lives. What followed after was some words of encouragement, along with the Pledge of Allegiance.  

 Soon after, winners of the essay contest were announced, and the winners of the art contest as well. Both these contests were set around the theme, “Why do we honor the flag?” Names were also announced of those who lost their lives in War. All these events were familiar to us, but something new took place this year. There was a table set beside the chairs of Veterans, each item on the table an analogy for those missing in action, or taken as a prisoner of war.  

 All in all, this year’s Veteran’s Day proved as another success for remembering and honoring our brave soldiers. This schools’ maturity shined through during the entire process. I as a student am eager to honor these veterans again next year. It’s only right that we remember those fighting to keep us safe.