The Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Zander Yates

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Harry Potter is a fictional fantasy world where wizardry becomes as real as life and the students  are divided into to four Houses which you are placed into based on your traits and skill set. Houses act as a student’s family while at Hogwarts. Your House is who you live with, take classes with, eat with, and spend free time with.  

There’s Gryffindor for the strong, brave, and courageous but they act on instinct and rather irrationally. There’s Ravenclaw for the intelligent and bright-minded students that attend Hogwarts but they aren’t as inquisitive. Hufflepuff, the kinder side of Hogwarts, accepts those with the purest of hearts and souls but their heart may lead to irrational decisions.

Then you have me. Slytherins, those who crave power and knowledge and intend to get it at any cost, are clever and equally intelligent but known for their maniacal reasons and selfish intentions. Though every Slytherin is considered to be evil, some are quite modest and have pure intentions. I am a Slytherin due to cunning personality and daring drive with motivation to succeed no matter who stands in my way. Yes, it sounds very rude and even cocky,but power is time and none shall be wasted our.

Naturally, to me, Slytherins are the best. They stand apart from the crowd,  stick together with other Slytherins,  but all are destined to achieve their separate goals alone. Slytherins are one of the most wicked houses, but they are destined for greatness. We get the job done without any hesitation making us very efficient workers.

What about you? Where will you find yourself? Which House do you belong to?  Take the Pottermore quiz below and be destined to do great things.