The Snapchat Update Controversy

Bonnie Anderson

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Last week, Snapchat released an update that made huge changes to the appearance and function of the app. So far, it seems that most people hate the update, leading some to come up with rumors. People said that Snapchat would update again and change back to the old or that there were certain ways to return your app to the previous version. I have updated my Snapchat and I hate to inform you that the change appears to be permanent.

“My mother even hates it,” said one MCHS student of the new update. The Snapchat company has updated the app where the stories and what is sent to you are on the left side of the camera. The advertisements have been posted to the right of the camera. When you have a story that you haven’t seen it will be at the top of your homepage, even ahead of snaps sent directly to you.

Unfortunately, despite the rumors, I honestly don’t think we will get the old Snapchat back. Even though people seem to hate it, Snapchat seems to be sticking by their update and ignoring the reaction. Maybe that will change soon, but for now, all news reports are that the update is here to stay.